Where there is a Will there is a Way

Needing to update your Will?  This quick and simple task can save a lot of heart ache at a time when your family is already heart broken.  If you have financial dependents there simply is not a good enough reason for not having a Will in place.  It really is simpler than you think, we would like to help you and if it is too complex for us we will refer you to a firm of attorneys who are clients of ours. We believe in providing a professional service at all times and will refer you on if your estate plan requires a more in depth Will.

A copy of our clients Will is kept online and all changes are free once the initial drafting has been done.

Do you need a Living Will?  A Living Will can eliminate the hard task of one of your children or your spouse having to make a decision that they will question for the rest of their lives. 

Not having a Will doesn’t mean you will not die, it just means your death will be harder for your family to deal with than it already is.  We are here to help.

(Tip: If you do already have a Will, please let someone in your family know where it is, they do not need to know what is in it, just who to contact to procure it.  Make sure it has been witnessed on each page by two independent witnesses and has been dated.)