As any reasonable financial planner will tell you, the first step in the financial planning process is ensuring you have protected your biggest asset – YOUR ABILITY TO EARN AN INCOME.  Taylored Financial Solutions are an independent Financial Service Provider so we are completely product agnostic.  Our concern is ensuring your ability to provide for yourself and your family is a given, a guarantee. We have no affiliation with any one service provider because our priority is not to sell you a product but to ensure you are protected.  The right advise is our first concern.  If a product is required we will ensure that you have the best the market has to offer.   If you don’t need it, we will recommend rather saving that money or using it to by income producing assets.  Often clients either don’t know what they have or haven’t reviewed their portfolios in years.  There is no point paying for cover you don’t need.  

All our clients are able to look at their portfolio information online at any time by logging into their portfolio file through our secure website.  This file is a private storage facility for our clients and also contains a shared folder in which we keep their estate planning checklist, a copy of their Will, an updated summary of their portfolio, FICA documentation, policy documents and anything else pertaining to their financial planning portfolio.  Taylored Financial Solutions is committed to supporting the environment and moving to a paperless system in a traditionally document intensive industry.  Our website is also interactive in that clients can contact us securely, all our contact is documented and saved for both our records and clients have access to our services 24/7.  We are committed to building a symbiotic partnership.  We are here to help. 

It is so important to get the correct financial diagnosis from a qualified professional.  You wouldn't go to an unqualified doctor, why take any risks with your financial health and well being?

Why deal with a CFP Professional?